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Lab Bulks Peppermint Essential Oil 16 oz Bottle, for Diffusers, Home Care, Candles, Cleaning, Spray

  • Protects your home and garden - Lab Bulks Peppermint Essential Oil is a natural deterrent. Embrace the benefits of this powerful oil as it helps with mosquitoes, mice, rats, rodents, and ants, is taking care of your home and garden.
  • Make More with Bulk! – Huge bottle to make plenty of peppermint oil spray for home and garden. This 16 oz bottle offers the large quantity needed to make home essentials or essential oil gifts.
  • Uses - Enhance your chemical-free cleaning routine by incorporating a few drops of this refreshing oil into your home spray. Create a stimulating and energizing atmosphere in your living space or workspace. We recommend distilled water when making essential oil sprays. Use a favorite essential oil recipe to blend peppermint oil with your eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, juniper, or lavender oil.
  • Perfect for DIY creations - create soaps, room sprays, bath bombs, homemade shampoo, and make candles.
  • Headache relief - This invigorating essential oil is renowned for its soothing properties, making it an excellent natural remedy for relieving headaches and migraines. Incorporating this oil into your self-care routine, such as through massage or inhalation, may help alleviate tension, providing a much-needed sense of relief.
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